What is the RECA Claim and who is the Best Person to handle it?

Do you have trouble filing your RECA claim? Your best bet would be to contact a RECA lawyer. You could be eligible for nearly 400,000 USD in compensation.

In the event of you have proof of mining uranium between 1942 and 1971 and you have been diagnosed with lung illness such as silicosis, lung cancer, col pulmonale, pneumoconiosis, or pulmonary fibrosis, you would be eligible for filing compensation claim under RECA or Radiation Exposure Compensation Act.

How much compensation could you get under RECA?

In case, you or your family member had worked at a facility that manufactured, processed, or tested uranium or other radioactive materials that have been used in atomic weapons, and as a result of that radiation, became ill, you would be entitled to compensation to nearly 400k USD along with other medical benefits.

However, for RECA claims you would be required to seek the assistance of a reliable and reputed attorney who has adequate knowledge about the law and the limitation of filing the claim. The attorney should be easily accessible, contactable, and should fill out your free claim evaluation. They should also be able to assist you in the event of you had already filed the compensation claim under RECA and denied earlier.

Understanding Radiation Exposure Compensation Act or RECA

The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act or popularly called as RECA would be best described as a federal government program that was signed into law in the year 1990. The act was designed to compensate former uranium miners along with their families for unknowingly been exposed to radiation while they were working at a uranium mine. There have been certain survivors of these employees who would also be eligible for compensation claim benefits under RECA. It has been stated by the Environmental Protection Agency that there could be nearly four thousand sites across the US conducting uranium mining and other related activities.

Is it actually a lawsuit?

Contrary to popular belief, the compensation claim under RECA should not be deemed as a lawsuit. It is a special kind of federal workers compensation that has been provided by the government through the Department of Labor. The fee of the counsel has been regulated and the initial claim has been limited to approximately 2% of the lump sum compensation received by the worker or the surviving member of the family.

It would be pertinent to mention here that there would be no counsel fee payable otherwise, apart from what has been paid in the compensation to the claimant by the Department of Labor.

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