Do you want to study in the US smoothly? You have to know this!

In 2018, many schools in the United States adjusted the SAT/ACT scores, TOEFL scores, and application materials. The overall trend is very unfavorable for international students.

The United States began to strengthen the conditions for the examination of foreign student visas and increased telephone surveys. The survey will cover questions such as study plans, budgets, majors, courses, graduation plans, etc. The telephone investigators are usually the Chinese staff of the embassy. They usually call the guarantor or the applicant’s unit to verify the income, work background and other relevant information, as well as the relevant background of the applicant’s family. In the past, the student visa was only required to pay the SEVIS student and exchange visitor information system fee of  200, but the new proposal will require international students to pay this fee every year. Otherwise, there will be no multiple entry for 5 years in the US. visa. In addition, if you transfer to school and do not graduate on time, you must re-visit.

Work visas have also been greatly affected. Many sensitive and non-sensitive professional students have been blocked from applying for h1b visas and have been reviewed by immigration authorities. Therefore, many people choose to entrust a professional h1b law firm and most of them praised goh1b. goh1b has been welcomed by the majority of international students with professional level and good attitude.

In the preparation stage, you need to know which universities you like and which universities you can apply for. During the inspection period, we should focus on the quality of teaching, research results, the number of literature and articles published, the employment situation of graduates, etc. Knowing more about some schools will reduce your chances of entering the “Pheasant University”. Of course, all kinds of world universities are also available as a reference.

If you plan to study in the US, you should complete the GRE and TOEFL exams in September of the year before the year of enrollment. If you are already a junior undergraduate student at the school, you can prepare for the GRE exam in advance, and then prepare for the TOEFL. And if you want to apply for a prestigious school, you must make your achievements competitive. After submitting all the preparation materials, you can wait for the offer. In the process, you should keep in touch with the admission committee and check the status of the mailbox in time.

If you are not sure, you can find a professional application agency to develop a special application plan, the success rate will be much higher, not only that, if you need to find an internship in America (also known as 美国实习) or looking for a job after graduation, the study agent will also help you a lot. Immigration lawyers (also known as 移民律师) will also give you good advice on the identity issues after work. After graduation, the identity problem will be the most troublesome thing for everyone. The h1b visa is generally chosen by everyone, but the application is very difficult. You can entrust it to a professional law firm, such as goh1b, which you can often see. goh1b has a high level of professionalism and a very good service attitude. He has a good reputation in the industry and is the first choice for international students.

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