6 Tips on Choosing the Right Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is a common problem in the workplace. However, 70% of employees don’t report sexual harassment for various reasons such as feeling ashamed, fear of losing their jobs, and no one would believe them. If you are a victim, you should quickly contact a Dallas sexual harassment lawyer and work with him to corroborate the harassment. The following are 6 tips on choosing the right sexual harassment lawyer.

  • Law Firm or Solo Practitioner

You can either work with a law firm or hire a solo practitioner to handle your case. If you are hiring a solo practitioner, you must make sure that there will be someone that can act as a substitute if the lawyer assigned to your case gets sick. Can you call the lawyer and talk to him directly? Or, you are only allowed to leave a voicemail? When will the lawyer return your call?

  • Compile a List of Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Once you have decided, you can start looking for a suitable lawyer or law firm to handle your case. You can contact the local bar association or ask your friends/relatives/neighbours for recommendations. You can create a list of sexual harassment lawyers that you want to hire and then search the web for more information on them. By researching on the web, you can find out about their credential, and experience level. You can contact the lawyer by phone if you are serious in hiring him. The lawyer you hire should operate a physical office in a location that you can conveniently visit.

  • Specialization in Employment Law

The lawyer you hire must specialized in employment law. He should know the most current employment laws. Before hiring, you should ask them what year the law firm was founded and how many cases have been handled. Are they able to mediate privately and in EEOC? This is important since most cases are settled privately. Not everyone wants their case to be taken to the court as it can be expensive and troublesome to do so.

  • Taking the Case to Trials

Sometimes, the employer does not want to cooperate and grant you the settlement you ask for. In this situation, it may be necessary for you to proceed to take the case to the courtroom. Not all lawyers can represent you in court trials. If you foresee that the case will be taken to trial, you should find a lawyer that is experienced in taking your case to the court.

  • How You Will Be Charged for the Legal Services

You need to find out how the fee will be collected. Some sexual harassment attorneys will charge you only if they succeeded in helping to obtain a settlement. Additionally, they should also cover the litigation cost up to the trial. This option may best consider that you may face retaliation and get fired from your job. There are also other lawyers that charge by an hourly rate. This can be expensive if the case is complicated and require the lawyer to put in a lot of time on it.

  • Picking the Right Attorney

Before making a decision, you should consult at least 3 attorneys. It is best to look for an attorney that will offer a free consultation in the first meeting. The attorney may be the right choice if he is professional and compassionate towards your situation. In the initial meeting, you can ask whether they have experience handling similar cases and the outcome. You can ask the lawyer to suggest several options for dealing with the case. A good attorney will not press you into hiring him but he will share you alternative options to open your mind on what you can do about the workplace sexual abuse problem.

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