Writ of Mandamus and Green Card Delay

What is the most frustrating part of a VISA or a Green Card application? It is when the entire issuing process runs smoothly and then starts to delay at a sharp point. What is more, is that the delay seems to be never-ending. No matter how many emails you are sending or authorities you contact, the process appears to be at a halt forever. Moreover, you are not informed of a valid reason for such a delay.

Such delays and halts in the progress of a VISA or Green Card petition for immigrants or their relatives fall under the Writ of Mandamus. Now, what is a Green Card? It is merely a document that proves your legal citizenship in the US. Well, there can be various reasons for a delay in the process of document issuance, and some are entirely genuine. Let us check out the primary ones.

When are you ineligible for application requirements?

The following are a few cases when you are ineligible for the lawful holder of a VISA or Green Card application.

  1. Health issue

A valid medical report is a mandatory document that will decide your eligibility for a legal entitlement of a Green Card or a VISA. Moreover, the tests have to be executed under the supervision of a government-affiliated doctor only. If you are diagnosed with a disease or infection that is communicable, there is a genuine problem.

You must show additional proof of vaccination to make sure that you are not hazardous to other citizens. People who are addicted to drugs or have chronic and communicable ailments are also considered ineligible for aa permanent residence.

  1. Criminal issue

Now, this one is one of the most stringent conditions that any country would set as its requirements. It is that you must not have been convicted for any criminal activities, especially if you have done it in the US. The condition includes several crimes, including moral turpitude. The other significant crimes that will land you in severe trouble are drug trafficking, commercialized vice, prostitution, religious crimes, money laundering, and more.

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