Why You Should Hire a Mugshot Removal Service

Had a bad run-in with the law and looking to remove your mugshot from online websites?

Removing your own mugshots is a simple but time-consuming process.

The first thing you will need to do is get in contact with a proper representative that can fulfill your request to get it taken down.

Learning how to find your mugshot online can be as simple as searching your name on Google. It typically takes 1-2 weeks before you see the mugshot surface on the internet.

Once in contact, discuss the process on how to get your mugshot removed. Pretty easy right?

Unfortunately, the problem is not just a single website. Because mugshots are uploaded onto a searchable database, the number of websites that are capable to republish the image is endless.

Note that most websites are unfortunately protected and are not legally obligated to remove anything. Arrest records are public information and anyone has the right to republish them.

Keeping track of where your personal information is published online and preventing it from being available for online consumption can be stressful but still possible!

When working with a mugshot removal service like EraseMugshots.com, that routine process becomes nearly obsolete.

With years of experience and resources, they are able to crawl the internet to identify which sites have your information and provide solutions in one clean swoop.

With over 10+ years of experience, EraseMugshot.com formulated a complete removal or suppression solution for their clients that are to be carried out efficiently –  with most being completed within 72 hours.

Analyze Web Presence

After discussing your issue with you, Erasemugshots will perform a deep internet crawl to identify where all your information is being published.

Complete Mugshot Removal Solution

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on removing your arrest record. If they should encounter any problems resulting in a failed removal, you are entitled to your money back!

Clean Up Google, Yahoo & Bing “aka” Deindexing

Once the mugshot websites have completed with the removal requests, EraseMugshots.com will contact Google and other search engines to block the records from appearing.

Client Satisfaction

We understand how negative information can heavily impact an individual’s life. That is why EraseMugshot.com will continue to work with their clients until they are 100% satisfied.

Although you are more than capable to take on this task by yourself, it is recommended this problem be resolved by professionals.

The longer your negative information is online, the higher chance it has it being seen by unwanted users. Don’t let your past cause more problems for you in the future.

If you or someone you know is struggling to remove their mugshots online, click here to get your FREE MUGSHOT REMOVAL ANALYSIS.

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