Divorce after lockdown

UK divorce rates are expected to peak as lockdown is coming to an end, as in many other countries around the world.

Couples who were planning to separate or divorce may have held off starting official proceedings, selling or moving out of the family home as a result of lockdown and are now ready to take action to end their relationship. In addition, many have used lockdown as a period of reflection, and by being stuck at home together problems in relationships have become undeniable.

While many still continue to work from home and social distancing remains in place while an expected peak in divorces occurs there will likely be delays in the divorce process for many.

Those who are looking to divorce and set out their financial and child arrangements can start looking for legal representation now to avoid such delays.

A family law solicitor can advice you on your divorce and help you set out such agreements legally. They can represent you if court hearings become necessary and advice on mediation as well. Most family law solicitors have remained operational throughout the lockdown period and have continued to offer support to existing and new clients, even if they are working from home.

Consultations and meetings can take place over video call, phone and email in most circumstances, and mediators have been working with couples through video call sessions as well.

It’s understandable to feel uncertain about getting started with divorce proceedings as the country is still suffering from the pandemic, however, there is no need to worry.

Selling the family home and moving out

If, as result of the divorce or separation, one or both partners move out of the home the situation can get more challenging. However, the property market is reopening, and more and more are continuing with the selling and buying of property. If you need to sell your family home as part of the divorce it is worthwhile getting in touch with a local estate agent to find out what they would advise.

Many viewings are now taking place digitally, and as restrictions are quickly easing further, in person viewings aren’t far off. If you are looking for a place to stay you can find temporary or permanent renting and buying opportunities through online viewings and make the move, should you wish to.

Like family law solicitors, many conveyancing solicitors remain operational and are continuing to act on behalf of new and existing clients.

If selling or buying property during this time doesn’t feel right to you, you may want to consider starting the Chicago divorce lawyer while remaining under the same roof as your ex. Depending on lockdown easing you may also be able to temporarily stay with a friend or family member.

Many believe the housing market will be strongly affected by the outbreak of corona virus and the lockdown and expect that house prices will drop. Whether or not this will happen will depend on many factors, and no one can know for certain at this stage.

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