Top New Car Features

Whether someone is interested in buying a new or used car, there are some features that they must make sure the vehicle has before spending big. For instance, if someone purchased an automobile some few years back or even a year ago, there will be loads of upgrades within a short period. Depending on what someone is driving, they can turn a long grueling trip to an exhilarating journey.

Technology has changed the automotive industry entirely. The introduction of features that simplify navigation, playing music, or saving the driver from traffic has all made owning a car a dream come true. Also, with safety features that keep everyone in the vehicle safe, people can rest assured they’ll reach their destination in one piece. Not forgetting, the use of high performance alternators has improved the convenience of the latest models giving the driver unlimited power behind the wheel. So what are some of the top car features to keep an eye on? Take a look!

Automatic emergency braking 

The best thing about this feature is that the system applies brakes independently without intervention from the driver. It is one of the best ways for modern models to avoid collisions when they sense another vehicle is on the way. Cars with pedestrian detection are the best in this regard. They keep the driver away from the trouble of knocking down passengers or running anyone over.

The remote start

Starting the car remotely has to be among the top trending features of the decade in the automotive industry. There’s nothing more enjoyable than the driver starting their car from the kitchen when it’s cold. Using the remote start, they don’t have to sit in the freezing cold while waiting for the car to get to a favorable temperature.

Android Auto and Apple car play 

Another fantastic feature gaining popularity within the automotive industry is the Android Auto and Apple car play. They bring familiar Smartphone interfaces and other excellent features to the car’s infotainment system. Any vehicle with this feature encourages the driver to put away their phone, which can be a bit distracting and instead interact with the car’s built-in screen. It’s like accessing what’s on their phone through the car. Sounds cool, right?

Assisted steering 

While real self-driving tech is still not convincing enough, some new models are beginning to use sensors and cameras to steer cars and make sure they don’t leave their lanes without any input from whoever is behind the wheel. The system doesn’t work for all vehicles, and this is where cars with high performance alternators come in handy to support this unique feature. It’s worth noting that this system still requires the driver to pay attention, but not being worked up by steering all through can be quite relaxing.

Heated and ventilated seats 

Is there any better feeling than hopping to a ventilated seat when the temperatures are quite high? Probably not. How about feeling the seat heat up in the middle of the winter? It’s even better. Once you taste that feeling, there’s no going back.

Technology has brought about numerous car features, and most of them have enhanced the safety and convenience car owners get while driving. There are so many exciting options to choose from. Before going to any car dealership, buyers should know the best features they want in their car and get them.

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