What to Know Before You Remove Mugshots Online

Anytime you get arrested, your police record holds personal information as well as your mugshot photo. Anyone unfortunately has the right to obtain criminal reports due to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Since the internet is maturing and granted more and more ways of researching for anything. More individuals are beginning to see their past resurfacing on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you or someone you know is currently struggling with learning how to remove mugshots from the internet for free  – this is just the article for you.

But first, let’s go over some key things you should understand before starting.

Why You Should Remove Mugshots Online

There is a general understanding that the majority of businesses around the globe perform advanced background checks for new applicants before hiring them.

For this reason alone – it is imperative that you know everything online that may reference your name (positive or negative). This way you are also never blind-sided in the middle of an interview/meeting.

A mere name search on Google for your name could make the difference between landing your dream job and being unemployed for an extended period of time.

The last thing you want to happen is a potential employer discovering a false arrest, dismissed case, or even something that was expunged (or a complete misunderstand) that will disqualify you for the position in their mind.

Apart from this, there is an abundance of colleges and universities that scan on the online arrest history of their potential scholarship candidates.

Admissions offices can quickly find out if you have a criminal record. If and once they locate anything – your chances of getting that scholarship have definitely gone down the drain.

The Traditional Way To Remove Mugshots Online

Once you find your mugshots online and a few websites that include your name and arrest information you can start by attempting to contact the webmaster for that particular mugshot publication site.

Nonetheless, most website owners do not like being told that MUST remove something. Also, it may also be challenging to request them to remove mugshots online for you if they take defense using the FOIA.

One of the most infamous traits about the mugshot publication “industry” is that once you appear on one publication site – others copy that and this creates a snowball effect.

For that reason, you must remain proactive and “on the ball” if you have any hopes of removing your mugshots online in a timely manner.

Your mugshot photo may already be on dozens (if not hundreds) of other websites. Not all of them would give you a favorable response as you make your plea. Some sites will also require a payment in order for them to fulfill your request. They refer to this as “administrative fees”.

Mugshot Removal Service

Thankfully, there are companies such as GuaranteedRemoval.com that offer a surplus of online removal solutions to get rid of any and all uncomfortable mugshots ranking on some of the visited sites in existence (i.e. Google).

If you decide to work with a team of professionals such as GR, once the mugshot is removed the link that use to show your arrests will be dead (or have an ERROR 404)

After this happens, our team notifies all popular search engines as they require 1-3 days to inspect that link.

 When they verify that your mugshots and criminal reports were removed – they will remove that webpage from their search results.

Whether you are seeking to remove online mugshots from Mugshots.com or other websites, GR offers an extensive mugshot removal service that will completely remove any third-party trace online.

This will leave it only with the original source which is the police website.


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