Top 5 Most Important Truck Driving Laws

Truck drivers have to adhere to laws. In fact, many of the accidents that occur tend to happen because some rules got broken.

If you are a truck driver or own a truck driving company you need to know about the laws and regulations that truck drivers must follow. Here is a closer look at the truck driving laws that govern truck drivers.

  1. Truck Drivers Can Only Drive for Specific  Hours?

Many truck drivers get into accidents simply because they’re tired. All trucking companies are required to adhere to the recommended hours for truck drivers to work.

If a driver gets forced or chooses to drive beyond the hours stipulated then the trucking company and the driver can be held liable.

  1. Truck Driving Laws Govern Bad Weather

There are times when truck drivers must navigate through harsh weather. It is mandatory for truck drivers to stop in bad weather.

If the truck driver doesn’t stop they should at least slow down in order to prevent an accident. Here are some of the types of weather in which truck drivers are expected to slow down:

  • rainstorms
  • snowstorms
  • heavy fog

Truck drivers who insist on continuing their journey without stopping under these weather conditions will be held liable if there is an accident.

  1. Trucks Need Repair and Maintenance

When brakes become defective and tires need replacing, then safety becomes a concern. If the truck lacks adequate lighting the company and the driver can become liable.

Mechanical defects need immediate attention. When a trucking company ignores making much-needed repairs accidents can happen.

  1. Cargo Must Be Properly Secured

All cargo on the truck must be properly balanced and secured. If a trucking company fails to secure its cargo to prevent it from tipping and spilling on the road they can be liable.

This is because spilled cargo creates hazardous conditions for other drivers and this can cause accidents. If an accident takes place because of spilled cargo then the company is responsible.

  1. Truck Drivers Must Park Trucks in Safe Areas

When truck drivers park their vehicles in spots where moving vehicles must pass they can cause a lot of accidents. Truck drivers are required to set up warning triangles or have a flagger to alert drivers that there is an obstacle in their path.

If a trucker fails to do this and an accident occurs a good accident attorney can easily prove liability.

Use The Road Safely

All the regulations that govern truck drivers are there to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Once truck driving laws are followed the risk of injuries decreases significantly.

Needless to say, it is better for truck drivers to obey the laws to avoid liability. If you would like more legal advice, please visit the legal services section of the website to find out more about how we can help you.

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