These Are the Most Common Birth Injuries

Did you know that an average of 250 babies gets born every minute? This means that more than 130 million children are born every year. Giving birth to a child is an amazing, but frightening experience.

Injuries can happen to either the mother or baby or both. Birth injuries can occur by plenty of factors such as oxygen, medical negligence, and so on. It’s great to have some extra knowledge on some of the most common birth injuries.

Read on to learn about common birth injuries for both the baby and mother.

Common Birth Injuries For the Baby

In every 1,000 infants in America, there are 6 to 8 babies are born with a birth injury.  The injuries can affect a baby’s internal system, which can range from mild to permanent disabilities.

Erb’s Palsy

Erbs palsy happens when a nerve in an infant’s shoulder suffers trauma. Some common symptoms include a lack of reflexes and trouble moving the arms. This kind of injury is often the result of the medical provider pulling on the baby’s arms during birth.


Cephalohematoma happens during prolonged labor or the use of vacuum extraction. The skull, which is the part that protects the brain, starts to bleed.

You can see a bump on the baby’s head that appears soon after birth. This can lead to health issues such as jaundice, hypotension, and so on.

Cerebral Palsy

When a baby develops brain damage during labor, it results in a condition known as cerebral palsy. When a mother is not properly monitored during childbirth, the risk of cerebral palsy increases.

It can also happen due to bad birthing techniques. It can cause some distress that can be fatal to the unborn child.

If a baby gets cerebral palsy, they are more likely to struggle with their motor development. They will also develop muscle spasms and muscle weakness.

Facial Paralysis

Facial paralysis refers to the loss of facial movement caused by damage at a baby’s seventh cranial nerve. Excessive exposure to pressure during birth is a common cause of this birth injury.

It can also be a result of improper use of forceps and prolonged labor. The damage can range from muscle weakness to full facial paralysis on a baby’s head. Common symptoms include having difficulty in opening the eyes and making facial expressions.

Common Birth Injuries For the Mother

Not only babies, but the mother can also get injured during and after birth. Expected mothers should learn what can happen to their bodies when delivering a baby.

One of the most common birth injuries for the mother is vaginal there. About 95% of women experience vaginal tear during the delivery of your first baby. When a baby’s head is too big to exit through your vaginal area, a tear could occur.

Other birth injuries include broken bones, uterine rupture, nerve injury, and so on. The type of injury you receive all depends on where you’ll be getting a c-section or vaginal.

Know the Most Common Birth Injuries

Don’t be afraid to contact a birth injury attorney if you get an injury due to negligence. Be sure to watch your baby and your health to have a smooth, successful labor.

Do you want to learn more about possible birth complications? Learning all about them soon can help you prepare and avoid them during labor. Check out more of our guides to learn all you can learn today!

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