5 Common Reasons to Sue Your Employer

Did you know that in 2019, there were almost 25,000 workplace class action lawsuits filed? Suing employers for wrongdoings is probably more common than you think.

Maybe you feel like you’re being mistreated at work, but aren’t sure you have a good reason to file a lawsuit. In that case, here are 5 common reasons to sue your employer. That way, you have a good idea of what’s acceptable and in your favor.

  1. Discrimination

Employers are supposed to treat all workers equally. If rewards or promotions are given out, they should be on merit, not favoritism. And on the other hand, if there are punishments given, they should be appropriate and not simply because an employer doesn’t like an employee.

If you feel like they’ve discriminated against you, then that’s one of the reasons you can sue your employer.

  1. Harassment

Your workplace should be a safe space, and your employer shouldn’t be abusing their power over you. It’s wrong of them to harass you in any way, whether it’s bullying, insulting you, or touching or talking about you inappropriately. This creates an uncomfortable workspace and makes it highly unpleasant for not just you, but also other employees too.

  1. Illegal Medical Request Decisions

You have a right to ask for medical leave or other accommodations if you have certain health conditions. It’s your employer’s responsibility to grant you these things.

They must accept and accommodate your requests if they’re reasonable. If not, then that one of the top reasons to sue an employer.

  1. Personal Injury

Even if a workplace is as safe as an be, it’s still very common to get injured at your place of employment. Of course, your employer’s workers’ compensation should cover all your medical bills and time you need to take off.

However, you can still sue your employer if they don’t handle your accident and personal injury properly. You can also sue if the workplace hasn’t been made as safe as possible and according to rules and regulations. In this particular case, you’d be suing them for negligence.

  1. Illegal Firing

Again, employers need to treat their workers fairly. If you’re let go, it has to be for a good reason, such as poor performance that you haven’t fixed after numerous warnings.

They aren’t legally allowed to fire you for reasons like your health and sexual orientation. If they have, that’s grounds to sue an employer.

Are you now wondering: do you need a lawyer to sue employer? While you don’t need to, it’s in your best interest, as they know exactly how to navigate the legal system and give you the best chances to win.

Know the Good Reasons to Sue Your Employer

Now you know some good reasons to sue your employer. While you don’t want to go sue-happy, you don’t want to be taken advantage of either. So use some discretion and only bring a lawsuit about if you feel like you’re justified.

Now that you know more about suing employers, are you interested in learning more? Then check out the rest of our blog!

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