What is Automation and How Can it Help Your Practice?

Have you been swamped with paperwork and other tedious tasks in your law practice? It probably means it’s time for you to get help.

Even if you can’t afford to hire an additional employee, there are still ways you can get help and succeed!

Keep reading to learn exactly what is automation and how it can help take your law practice to the next level.

What Is Automation?

Automation is a general term used that covers a broad range of automated technology. Simply put, automation is a process where something is done for you automatically, and limits the need for human input.

Today, there isn’t any industry that automation hasn’t helped to streamline, make safer, or make it more profitable.

How Automation Helps Your Law Practice

There are many ways automation can help your law practice to help you streamline your business. By switching to automated processes you’ll have more time to do research on your cases and be more attentive to your clients.

We know it can be daunting to hand off parts of your business, but once you do you’re going to feel much better.

Processes in Your Practice You Can Automate

First and foremost you should not be answering your own phone calls. We’re not saying let them go to voicemail, instead have an automated phone answering system so it can direct people to the right places without you needing to.

The next process in your practice you can start automating today is document assembly and template management. Take the time to create a template library that’s stored on your local network so everyone in the practice can see it. Then you can easily share documents with your coworkers and clients to help them through the process quicker.

Put away your pen and paper, and start inputting information into a CRM (Customer relationship management) system. With a localized system, you’ll be able to quickly pull up information on any case and be able to spend less time looking at old, handwritten notes.

Finally, you need to automate your invoicing and billing. There’s no reason you need to manually send those out.

Doesn’t Automation Take Away the Personal Touch?

When done right, automation can actually add to the personal touch. By giving you more time to spend with clients you’ll notice people don’t mind automated phone calls or automated emails.

They care more about you being available and ready to help them rather than drowning in administrative tasks and answering phone calls. If you’re worried about losing that personal touch, start off by only automating a few things and see how your clients like it.

You can start slow and add more automation to your practice as you continue working.

Start Automating Today

Now that you know exactly what is automation and how it can help your law practice, take the first step to automation today.

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