Hurt on the Job? Here’s What You Should Know About L&I Claims?

If you live in Washington State and have been hurt on the job, you are eligible to file an L&I claim. It is a quasi-insurance system by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries that covers workers who are hurt on the job.

Under L&I insurance, workers can avail the benefits of medical care, permanent partial disability, time & wage loss compensation, pensions, vocational rehabilitation, and other payments. The coverage benefits are available against an insurance premium that the workers pay for L&I injury coverage.

When you are hurt on the job, file your L&I claim with a reputable attorney, such as at The Walthew Law Firm, to ensure you are paid for what you deserve. Discussed here are important things you should know about L&I claims to ensure you are paid right.

Who is Covered Under L&I?

According to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, most workers are eligible for L&I insurance benefits. In fact, L&I coverage for workers is mandatory and employers are required to pay for the same – either before or after you succumb to the injury.

What Benefits You Can Avail under L&I Claim?

Labor & Industries provide the following benefits to the workers:

  • Medical coverage
  • Permanent partial disability awards
  • Permanent total disability
  • Time loss payments
  • Pensions
  • Vocational services
  • Loss of earning power (LEP)
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Things of interest
  • Death payments

Filing L&I Claim – The Process

To file your L&I claim, you need to see a doctor first. The opinion of the Attending Physician (AP) is most important to determine whether you are eligible for the claim. Therefore, you should choose the AP wisely. See a doctor who wants, listens, and cares to help you avail your L&I claim.

Next, you need to complete the Labor & Industries Report of Accident (ROA) form. In state-funded cases, the doctor will have the form. And if the employer is self-insured, you need to get it from your human resources department.

Both you and the doctor are required to complete the form and send it to Labor & Industries. You should also report the injury to your employer at the earliest. On submitting your claim, L&I will scrutinize it thoroughly, including the doctor’s opinion. This ensures you get the right coverage benefits you deserve.

How to Win the L&I Case?

Here are some valuable tips to help win your L&I case and get the best coverage benefits:

  • Understand everything that outlines L&I insurance and claim information. If you ever feel, your employer is denying or harassing you for filing an L&I claim, protest and take appropriate actions.
  • Choose your Attending Physician wisely. At the same time, maintain good relationships with the Claims Manager.
  • Seek consultation from an experienced L&I lawyer. They have vast knowledge and expertise in this field and can help assist you with the entire claim process.

Getting optimal benefits for your L&I claim can be complex, especially if your employer is not cooperating with you. It is important to get professional advice from an expert L&I attorney who can guide you to avail the coverage you deserve.

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