When Should You Consider Hiring an Insurance Claim Lawyer?

The average homeowner’s claim settlement is $8,787—is this enough to cover extensive (and expensive) damage to your property?

If you’ve had damage to your property, repair costs can run into the tens of thousands, but insurance companies don’t always pay out enough. This could leave you out of pocket, big-time.

This is one example when you might need to hire an insurance claim lawyer, who can work to settle your claim with your insurance provider. To learn more, keep reading to find when and why you should hire a lawyer to help with your claim.

Expensive or Complex Claims

You might need a lawyer for insurance claims if your claim is exceptionally high value or complex. In cases where your entire home has been lost, or suffered extensive damage, don’t take the risk when it comes to your settlement.

The best insurance claim lawyer will work with you and your insurance company to ensure your settlement is what you deserve. The small cost of working with a lawyer is worth the cost, since it’s likely to result in a higher settlement.

Many insurance companies can be reluctant to pay off large claims, so a lawyer can validate your case and advocate on your behalf.

You and the Insurance Company Disagree

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the insurance company to disagree with you in terms of what your case is worth. What can you do if the insurer says your case is worth thousands less than it actually is?

This could be to a bad faith action, meaning the insurance company has acted inappropriately—learn more about the types of bad faith claims. If your insurer has acted in bad faith, or you can’t agree on the outcome, an insurance claim lawyer can help you settle.

It’s Unclear Who Is at Fault

Is your insurance company unsure about who is at fault in a claim? For example, a home accident could have been caused by a landlord neglecting maintenance, but the insurer thinks it was caused by damage done by the tenant.

Often, the only way to solve this is by going to court. The right lawyer can help you work out the facts of your case, compile evidence, and come up with a winning strategy.

Work With an Insurance Claim Lawyer to Get the Outcome You Deserve

If any of the above apply to your situation, then you might need to hire an insurance claim lawyer.

It’s important to remember that you should always hire a lawyer before your claim is settled. After it’s settled, it’s considered to be closed and the settlement amount is unlikely to change, even with the help of a lawyer, unless the lawyer can discover brand-new evidence.

Ensure you get the compensation you deserve with the help of an experienced insurance lawyer.

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