Storm Damage Claim? 5 Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

Did you know that storms led to $45 billion in losses in the United States in 2019? Much of this damage came from hurricanes, but tornadoes, floods, and other severe storms had an impact too.

If you’ve faced storm damage, you can run into headaches getting the storm damage insurance company to pay. They might blame the damage on something else or claim you didn’t have the right coverage.

Luckily, you can find a storm damage lawyer who can help recover the losses. But before hiring one, consider these five questions.

  1. What Issue Did the Insurance Company Mention?

Before looking for a storm damage lawyer, you should ask the insurance company why they have denied your claim.

You’ll need this information to determine whether an attorney could help. Further, the attorney will need all of this information when you consult with them.

At the same time, you’ll want to make sure the insurance company just doesn’t need extra information from you to proceed with processing your claim.

  1. Would an Attorney Really Help Win the Case?

Once you know the reason for denial, you can assess whether a storm damage lawyer would benefit your situation.

For example, you might actually have an issue where your insurance policy has limits or exclusions you’ve forgotten. In these cases, hiring a lawyer might not give you success.

On the other hand, the insurance company could have done something fraudulently or made an error on the estimate they refuse to fix. The Law Office of Michael D. Barber could help in these scenarios.

  1. Which Important Timeframes Apply?

You’ll also need to consider both whether you have enough time to hire an attorney and how long doing so will extend the whole claims process.

For example, your state will have a statute of limitations for claims issues – such as one year from the loss. Hiring an attorney close to this timing might not work out.

Further, keep in mind that the litigation process can take several months. This means you’ll wait longer for any money due.

  1. What Other Options for Dispute Exist?

In some cases, you can just dispute directly with the insurer. If they closed negotiations, you can reopen them if you can bring up proof of the issue.

You can also contact your state agency for insurance claims to get help.

  1. Are the Legal Fees Worth It?

Carefully consider how expensive the storm damage is. Keep in mind that you could pay several hundreds of dollars per hour for a storm damage attorney plus other fees.

If you have substantial damage, then you might find an attorney worth the cost. However, it might not make sense if you have only $1,000 in damages.

Consider a Lawyer for Storm Damage

If your storm damage claim does demand an attorney, research your options and get recommendations. You can pick a few attorneys and ask for consultations to explain your case.

Before you put any money down, make sure the lawyer feels certain they can help with your storm damage. Also, check how long the process takes and what it will cost you.

For more advice on using an attorney, check out our other posts.

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