Pulled Over In Las Vegas? Attorney Garrett Ogata Shares What You Need To Know

Flashing Lights Behind You? Follow Garrett Ogata’s Legal Tips

We’ve all been there — your heart sinks as you see an officer pull out behind you with flashing lights. When you get pulled over, you may feel frustrated, anxious, or scared about what’s going to happen next.

Attorney Garrett T. Ogata in Las Vegas understands that a traffic stop can have tough consequences, and he’s here to help you understand your rights (and help you fight your citation or arrest, if necessary).

When You Get Pulled Over, Follow These Steps

When you see a police officer pull out behind you with flashing lights in Las Vegas, it’s important that you pull over, according to Garrett Ogata. Nevada state law says that you could be charged with a crime if you do not comply by pulling over to the side of the road. Slow down, proceed to a safe area to pull over, and remain in your vehicle.

As the office approaches, roll down your window. If the officer asks for identification, you’re legally required to provide them with your ID. Let the officer know where your ID is, and that you’re reaching to retrieve it for them. The officer may also ask for your car registration and your car insurance card. Garrett Ogata says the same rules apply — tell the officer where you have these documents, retrieve them, and hand them to the officer.

Know Your Rights

If the officer attempts to question you, federal law mandates that you are not required to answer. If you decide that you don’t want to answer the officer’s questions, simply state that you’d prefer to talk with your lawyer before you make any statements. Garrett Ogata recommends staying polite yet firm when telling police that you’d prefer to talk with your attorney before you discuss your charges.

Whether you’re brought to the station or charged and released, your next move is to reach out to your lawyer. Garrett T. Ogata recommends working with someone well-versed in Nevada traffic law.

Charged With A Crime In Las Vegas? Garrett Ogata Can Help

If you’ve been charged with a crime after a Las Vegas traffic stop, you may be unsure of what to do next. Deciding whether to fight a traffic-related crime can be a tough decision. Thankfully, Garrett Ogata is on your side and can help you decide how to proceed.

With decades of experience helping people fight for their rights in Las Vegas, Garrett Ogata will be with you every step of the way. Reach out to his office today to schedule a consultation regarding your traffic stop.

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