4 Signs You Should Not Hire A Considered Slip And Fall Accident Attorney

There is definitely no shortage of great Indiana slip and fall accident attorneys you can hire right now. But, this does not mean every single lawyer you will find can be good for your case. It is very important that you read reviews, find testimonials, and assess how the considered professional communicates to choose someone who could help you. These things are obvious but the ones highlighted below are not. Use them to make a more informed decision.

A Cluttered And/Or Dirty Office

These are signs of a lack of organization. When your attorney does not keep the office as organized as possible, it will be very difficult to track everything needed for the case. This includes paperwork, deadlines, and many other tasks that are very important for the claim. A sloppy person cannot do good legal work. Their work will also be very sloppy.

Not Being Able To Discuss Recent Victories

If you see your considered slip and fall accident attorney talks about a big win that happened around 10 years ago, ask about some recent wins. When the attorney cannot tell you about some recent wins, it is a red flag to seriously look at. Laws keep changing and lawyers have to adapt. If the big wins came years ago, there is a possibility the lawyer cannot bring in the same results right now with the newest strategies and laws.

Not Clearly Explaining Billing

This can quickly turn into a very costly mistake. The best slip and fall attorneys out there work based on contingency fees. This means they will only be paid when you win your case or when a settlement is negotiated. Nothing is received if the case is lost. When you see that the attorney expects some fort of up-front payment or wants cash payments, even money for services, you have to be extremely careful. You might need to pay for some legal fees and things like that but not for the services of the attorney.

Having A Bad Attitude

Believe it or not, the very best attorneys in the world have a very good attitude that relies on respecting their clients. Empathy is something every good lawyer needs and this is not because of customer service. Without empathy, the claim’s outcome will be negatively impacted. When you see that the lawyer does not show compassion for the injuries you suffered and how they changed your life, it is very difficult to calculate things like pain and suffering. And you do deserve respect so look for a legal professional who actually respects you.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember is that you want to hire the very best slip and fall accident attorney you can find. To do this, you have to look at every single sign you found someone you can trust. Even if you hurry and you need help fast, you still need to do your research so you can find who will really help you. This can take a little time but you will surely appreciate your final decision as you receive a financial compensation that can actually cover the losses you endured.

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