How easy is it to create animation?

Videos, stories, GIFs outperform regular photos and texts. Animation draws attention and holds the eye. Another reason to understand how to create animation is that you will be able to tell stories, that  is another trend in marketing and social media. You can do it with animation creator.

How to animate your presentation?

Animation in a presentation can perform several functions at once. Animated objects draw attention to the most important facts and figures, transitions between slides help to mark a change of topic and “return” those who are bored or distracted to the presentation.

The main rule in choosing animation is that content is more important than beauty. If animation interferes with perceiving the meaning of the presentation, then it is superfluous. Long flights of each letter will not help the audience to remember the idea. Another thing is when the most important elements attract attention, especially if the presentation itself is logical and well-structured.

How should you make animation in a presentation useful? Use each effect meaningfully: the points fly out one after another — the audience sees the sequence, the logical chain, the stages of the process; objects “fade” and disappear — the viewer understands that we are talking about losses, losses. Make each slide speak.

Choose your favorite design or create your own from scratch: add text, pictures and decorative elements to each presentation slide.

You can show a presentation with animated effects from any computer with Internet access – you just need to log into your account. So you won’t forget a presentation flash drive at home or run into an old version of PowerPoint that doesn’t display your fonts or animations correctly.

How to make animation for an article, website or social networks?

GIFs are fast-loading, easily integrated into any environment — both in social networks and in a scientific article. With the help of animated pictures, it is convenient to:

  • explain complex concepts;
  • tell funny stories;
  • simply cause emotions in the reader.

GIFs are often used in advertising banners. Banners are usually placed in the sidebars of a site, and marketers need to make them stand out in order to grab attention. GIF just solves this problem: the movement attracts the user’s eye.

Banners are usually small, you can’t write a lot of text on them in small size — as a result, all the benefits of the product simply do not fit in one picture. A GIF allows you to talk about a product in pictures: in each frame tell about a separate property of the product or show the object from the catalog.

GIFs have one more property — they help convey complex emotions, explain non-standard phenomena. Such GIFs are suitable for presentations, websites and media. Thanks to them, there is a whole genre of “Explaining with GIFs” in online media, when scientific, technical topics are revealed using GIFs.

How to make a mini film out of animation?

Watching videos is more convenient than reading, and usually more interesting than listening to podcasts. In addition, videos evoke more emotions, and therefore – reactions.

Remember that animation helps explain complex things. It applies not only to simple GIFs, but also to text mini-movies. This format is well-established in YouTube and Instagram, making the usual story with pictures dynamic and interesting video. The format is very popular and simple, you just need to learn what is interesting to the audience and how to make animation of the text.

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