Planning A Divorce: What Happens First?

Divorce is one of the most painful, tumultuous times of anyone’s life. The process of separation, especially after many years of marriage, is likely to be a difficult and expensive process. But, with the right preparation, planning a divorce could be smooth and straightforward. More importantly, you’ll need a deep knowledge of the process even before you start. There are only two qualifications required: The … Continue reading Planning A Divorce: What Happens First?

What Are the Different Types of Divorce?

It seems like everyone is getting divorced. Nearly 750,000 divorces occurred across 45 states in 2019. That’s roughly 85 divorces every hour. Yet, not all divorces come alike. There are several types of divorce, each with its own ramifications on the process. What occurs when a couple agrees to separate on mutual grounds? What is the difference between a contested divorce and an at-fault divorce? … Continue reading What Are the Different Types of Divorce?

Divorce Between LGBT Couples

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in all fifty states. Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was seen pivotal in the 5-4 majority decision, wrote that, “they ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law…The Constitution grants them that right.” Thirteen of the fifty US states enacted constitutional bans on recognizing same-sex marriages: Arkansas Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Mississippi Missouri Nebraska … Continue reading Divorce Between LGBT Couples

What Filing for a Divorce Entails

While marriage separation is common throughout, divorce in Ontario differs based on the situations of couples. A short-term marriage without properties or kids may result in time-consuming and complex divorce than a long-term marriage with marital debts, minor children, and property entanglements. In addition, divorcing couples working together to negotiate terms and conditions of a divorce, debt allocation, spousal support, and property division may experience less stressful … Continue reading What Filing for a Divorce Entails

Why You Should Work With a Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce can be daunting not only for you and your ex-partner, but also for your children. That is why it would be ideal to have someone to hold your hand and direct you accordingly. The best person to do that is a divorce attorney. You need the services of Cordell & Cordell to ensure that the entire process is a success. So, why is … Continue reading Why You Should Work With a Divorce Attorney

Four Ways to Amicably End Your Marriage in a Divorce

The divorce process is stressful; however, you can save time, money, and worry when you enter into a settlement agreement instead of requiring court intervention. No matter the issues you want to address in your divorce, you and your spouse can work out an agreement to avoid prolonging your divorce and costing you more than you thought. A divorce agreement can be entered into at … Continue reading Four Ways to Amicably End Your Marriage in a Divorce

Why Do Couples Get Divorced?

Over the past few decades, there have been tremendous cultural shifts in behaviors and attitudes, contributing towards redefining how people view marriages. Because of these changes, the stigma associated with divorces in the past has been eliminated for the most part. While people used to see marriage as a lifelong commitment, there is a heavier emphasis on individual satisfaction and fulfillment nowadays. Countries like the … Continue reading Why Do Couples Get Divorced?

What are the Financial Implications of Divorce?

Divorce sometimes seems like the only way out of what two people consider a broken marriage. It comes with a lot of baggage couples do not tend to anticipate. Needless to say, divorce does not solve every problem a couple faces. Some problems linger for a lifetime. Moreover, new problems are often created by the divorce itself. The financial implications of divorce illustrate this point … Continue reading What are the Financial Implications of Divorce?

How to Find and Hire the Best Divorce Lawyer

So, it’s come to hiring a divorce lawyer. Did you see it coming? Even though divorce is a common phenomenon in the United States, no one goes into a marriage thinking that it will end in divorce. You hope and do the best, but sometimes your best isn’t enough. Marriages fail. Others come to an end. If, for whatever reason, your marriage has failed or … Continue reading How to Find and Hire the Best Divorce Lawyer

How to Create a Parenting Plan for Divorce

Somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. It’s easy to assume that this percentage is a net negative; however, divorce is often the right choice when it happens. It’s usually a step toward a more positive life for both parties. That said, divorce is never without a certain amount of stress. And when there are children involved, things become even more complicated. … Continue reading How to Create a Parenting Plan for Divorce